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Fiona Byrne
hot glass & kiln glass

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Fiona’s work is concerned with knowledge; what it is, how we categories it, what types we value.

She looks to forms of knowledge that have been lost or discredited in some way. For example, looking back at how ancient cultures connected with otherworld’s, exploring divination techniques and investigating folk traditions.

It is a means of drawing attention to where we have lost connections and creating dialogue around what types of ‘knowing’ are valued in today’s society.

Do we value priori knowledge over experience? How do we manage uncertainty as we search for answers?

In short, how do we navigate through the world, and what guides us.

The pieces I am creating currently are inspired by the art of divination, or scrying.

They are small human attempts to see into the future and grasp at the unknown.

They look at the internal need for certainty and stability.

Representing a form of knowledge that is often disregarded by mainstream institutions and that is lost to most of us.

Their messages are broadcast but not understood.

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