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Pinkie Maclure
Stained Glass

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I grew up in a fishing village on the north-east coast of Scotland, spending most of my spare time drawing imaginary people and worlds.

The break-up of my family took me to a different school where the art teacher, a sexist bully, made fun of me and I was nicknamed ‘the misfit’ by pupils and teachers alike. ​

I gave up drawing completely and went travelling, moving from squat to squat for many years.

I poured my creative energy into performance and songwriting, releasing 10 albums over the next 30 years.

In 2000, out of financial necessity and quite by chance, I found a job assisting a friend with the making and mending of architectural stained glass windows. ​

Frustrated by the meaningless (and often hideous) designs I was asked to reproduce at work, I became drawn to the strange beauty and storytelling power of medieval stained glass.

From books, I taught myself to paint and fire glass and eventually bought a sandblaster, a drill and began to explore a multitude of new techniques. ​

In 2013, I began to focus exclusively on personal work (often mounted in light boxes) and found it could be a way out of years of emotional and artistic frustration. ​

The technical process is less interesting to me than the content ; I want to tackle thought-provoking , contemporary subject matter and link the characters of the past with my own neighbours and adversaries.

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