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Ondřej Novotný
Czech Republic
Hot glass

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Born and raised in Novy Bor, a glass town in the Czech Republic.

Novotny has been surrounded by glass his whole life. His father, Petr Novotny, had a glassblowing studio in the family home. Novotny has been blowing glass since joining the school in Novy Bor in 1999.
After finishing his studies, he has travelled the world to absorb and learn as much as he can.
Novotny has spent several years in the Netherlands working as a freelancer at the Nationaal
Glasmuseum and has also worked in his father’s company Ajeto.

Since 2009 he has also assisted Martin Janecky with his personal work and teaching. Most recently Novotny is working in the family business, a glass production studio called Novotny Glass Centre in Novy Bor.