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alberto lago
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Alberto Lago is a designer from Venice (Italy), with interests that go from design to graphic. His educational background range from architecture, engineering, carpentry, design and graphics.

His intellectual curiosity and the constant need of new stimuli have always led him to travel and engage in new challenges. He has lived and worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Stuttgart, Milan, Matera and Venice (where he is based now). 

Alberto creative process is based on traditional craftsmanship in relation with natural materials (ceramic, fabric, glass, marble, metal, and wood). The starting point is having a direct interaction with skilled artisans to understand their techniques, passions and dreams. These knowledges are then used in symbiosis with digital technology to inform the design process in a unique manner. The result is a learning experience, both for the artisan and the designer, that leads to a new paradigm in the traditional craftsmanship culture. 

Today Alberto is the Art Director of Salviati, one of the most important and oldest furnace in Murano (the Island of Glass),  where he is exploring and pushing the traditional boundaries of glass, working in direct contact with some of the most knowledgeable Muranese glass masters.