Artist Spotlight George William Bell

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in conversation with george william bell

1. What initially captured your imagination about glass?

Through my first encounters, I was struck by the endless possibilities for transformation and self expression glass as a material affords. Through its various states of fluidity, glass allows the maker to capture and preserve a moment, gesture or micro-expression, these encounters of material movement, where glass speaks of its innate properties.

2. How would you describe your work and where do you think it fits within the sphere of contemporary glass?

My work is investigative and material driven in nature. In effect I am attempting to understand and interpret what glass is and what it can be, within a contemporary context. I situate my work within current movements in contemporary glass which have sought to defy barriers and long held belief systems, in order that we may continue to innovate and
approach this ancient material from new perspectives.

3. Tell us a bit about your process and what environment you like to work in?

My investigative process and approach to glass involves almost constant experimentation. Moving fluidly between the hotshop, coldshop and casting room, I have found I can greatly increase the possibilities for material expression and innovation, through the application of multiple techniques. Recently I have become increasingly interested in the possibilities
inherent in combining waste materials, within my investigations. It is my belief that in order to step outside that traditional expressions of glass, you must often look beyond the materials which make up the current accepted artistic pallet. In a sense, in order to innovate expression, you must first innovate material. I see something intrinsically human in finding
possibilities for artistic expression within the materials located in our direct surroundings. In this modern age of the anthropocene, the materials we have available to us, are that of industrial waste. I currently work out of studio on the Island of Bornholm, in Denmark. My work station being what one could only describe as controlled chaos. As it has come to be increasingly important to my practice to have all my tests out at once, as something previously unseenhas been known to catch my eye, sending my process into new and uncharted territory.


William Bell’s work stands on the fine line between fine art, craft and design with material investigation and innovation at its core. His personal artistic exploration has entered a paradoxical paradigm in which craftsmanship and artistic intent work in collaboration with the possibilities inherent in self governing form.