Dina Priess dos Santos

Posted On: 22/07/2020

Dina Priess dos Santos
kiln GLASS

artist bio

Dina´s approach to glass usually starts with experimentation and then next challenge is applying the findings to her figurative Wunderkammer or” Alice in wonderland” world.

While she was investigating for the best 3d printable glass paste, a ceramic studio opened up, just around the corner, and trying to throw the paste on the potter´s wheel was an obvious temptation.

So latest output is wheel thrown and 3d extruder ( extruder , the only affordable paste printer so far) printed pate de verre as a foamed up castable glass, which besides having the advantage, while being aesthetically very attractive, of weighing  a lot less than regular glass, needs only half the annealing time.

The Argentinean glass community works with challenges :of electricity not being too reliable or equipment hard to get and prices of imported glass due to inflation, often being beyond their possibilities, but- 

Improvisation, overcoming obstacles, finding another way is the base of the creative glass community of Argentina.

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