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Morten Klitgaard was born in Lønstrup, Denmark in 1981. Growing up in the harsh climate of coastal Northern Denmark had a huge impact on his senses. Surrounded by rugged wild nature and a consistent westerly wind taught him to appreciate very small details in the barren landscape.
He started working for a glass artist called Leif Vange in the town he grew up in. Following that he was taught and trained for three years by Danish glass artist Tobias Møhl, who’s known globally for his use of Venetian techniques.
In that period he did a master class with Dante Marioni, and he saw the possibility in learning more about the material so applied for The Royal Danish Design School in Bornholm where he finished his BA in 2012.
Klitgaard’s abstract, sculptural forms appear weatherbeaten, organic and patinated due to the use of oxides upon the surface, which causes a reaction to occur and metallic pigments giving a sense of depth and pattern to each and every piece. Tactile, textured surfaces give an unconventional aesthetic and feel to his work, while honouring the traditions of glass blowing in a contemporary context.

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