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suraya meah
hot glass

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I have recently graduated in MA Design and Applied Arts at University of Wolverhampton. I am a young, aspiring, glass artist; one of the next generation of craftsmen; carrying forward glass making traditions that are thousands of years old. I also use contemporary styles, and traditional Italian techniques that replicate a personal glass art style of my own design and self expression.

Having grown up loving art in its many forms, I feel particularly lucky to have found a material which captures my concentration and all my attention. I became Intrigued by the versatility of glass as a material, in particular the vast range of colours that can be achieved with the connection between material, light and reflections. I am passionate about all things glass, and driven by a desire to harness the unique qualities of the material which lend themselves well to artistic expression.

My art is a platform where I feel I am able to express myself fully. Taking inspiration from the world and my own experiences, I try to apply the natural qualities of glass to reflect my ideas and the way I see things.