Katie Spiers

Posted On: 30/06/2020


artist bio

Katie Spiers is an Irish/ Scottish artist brought up in Dublin, she has a strong sculptural background having worked in the Lambert Puppet Theatre for three years recreating puppets after a serious arson attack, the Bronze Fine Art Foundry and having studied Model Making in IADT, Institute of Art, Design and Technology.
A recent glass graduate of NCAD, National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Katie Spiers creates energetic sculptural lampwork pieces, inspired by the true freedom of birds, their delicate form, and the fragility of their existence.
Her work explores the themes of extinction, conflict, movement and conservation. Katie is passionate about natural flora and fauna of Ireland. Using the networking technique she mirrors use of line drawing creating a sense of movement and time in three dimensions. The fragility of the sculptures speaks to the pressures the modern world has exerted on the dwindling numbers of native birds in Ireland. The loose lines in the sculptures create shadows that suggest their disappearance

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