Benjamin Wright

Posted On: 23/06/2020


artist bio

I have a diverse creative practice which draws in equal parts from my academic studies in evolutionary biology, traditional crafts, and conceptual art as well as from a life and career rich in collaborative synergy. While an undergrad at Dartmouth College, I tracked song birds from the forests of upstate New Hampshire to tropical Jamaica for the renowned ornithologist Richard Homes.  My art making often mirrors that chaotic yet scientific process and endeavors to better understand human nature through our clumsy, if well intentioned, interactions with our ever-evolving environment. I express myself in a wide range of fabricated objects, media and experiences that increasingly are coalescing into hyper sensory installations. I have taught and exhibited the fruits of this approach at numerous universities and venues in the US and abroad in Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Japan, Belgium, Poland and Australia. I am currently the Artistic Director of Pilchuck Glass School.

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