Elizar Milev

Posted On: 16/06/2020

Elizar Milev
kiln glass


Predominantly working in glass casting, Elizar’s work is provoked by politics and human relations. In his work he explores the battle between two different positions – the cold and warm colours, the sharp and soft shape, the negative and positive. These juxtaposing contrasts are used as a narrative to expose the human temperament.



2016 Corning Museum of Glass – Corning, NY, USA – Norwood Viviano and Jon Rees: “Kilncasting: Demystifying The Digital”

2014 Pilchuck Glass School- Seattle, WA, USA- Aimee Sones and   Anjali Srinivasan – “PHYS101: Spontaneous/Control Slumping, Fusing, Kilncasting, Coldworking”

2014- 2016 National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, PhD “Design of glass and china”

2011 – 2013 National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, MA, “Glass and porcelain”

2012 Regional Course on restoration of glass, published in UNESCO OFFICE IN VENICE- Tirana, Albania

2007 – 2011 National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, BA, Glass and porcelain;  

2007 – 2011; National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria,  professional qualification in pedagogy

2001 – 2006   Art school “Prof. V. Kolev”, Troyan, Bulgaria,  Ceramics. 


2019 North Land Creative, Libster, UK

2017 Residency at Berengo studio, Murano, Italy. 

Exhibitions: 2017 “Shared lessons” – St. Luka gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria; 2020 ” Exhibition glass and porcelain” – Sofia press gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria

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