Christopher Day

Posted On: 16/06/2020



artist bio

If I were, to sum up, myself in one phrase, it would undoubtedly be: “Arts Enthusiast. “This is who I am in a nutshell. Studying as a mature student and graduating from The University of Wolverhampton in Applied Arts BA ( First degree Hons) Glass and Ceramics I have been able to develop work which involves black history and identity and try to reignite the conversation surrounding these issues. Prior to pursuing my undergraduate studies, my life had taken me on a journey that significantly detoured away from the arts. I discovered that I had a gift in plumbing and ever since, have been self-employed as a Plumbing and Heating Engineer for over two decades. The skills that I have developed in this field have caused me to become very successful and well respected in the profession. My art combines materials used in both heating and electrical systems and introducing them into my piece of artwork I find is a perfect marriage of my artistic path and technical side.

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