Karola Dischinger

Posted On: 01/06/2020


artist bio

I have been working with glass for about 20 years. In 1999 I set up my first small studio, in 2002 I attended my first workshop at Bildwerk Frauenau/D and in 2003 a 2-month training course for hot glass in Penland/North Carolina. Since then I have been learning new techniques in courses in Germany, USA, Scottland: casting, pate de verre, printing, roll up, warm glass techniques to express my themes with different glass qualities. After earlier works such as the Spinning Tops or Nautilus series, I have concentrated in recent years on theme-related projects. In 2018 this resulted in the exhibition “Modern Times”, which questions our modern working world. I like to use metaphors, symbols, humor, or sometimes sarcasm in my work. Different levels of relationships and what affects our society have an impact on my ideas and work. The material offers a lot of room for interpretation and the possibility to represent the often elusive, virtual, critical themes through transparency, lightness or fragility. The objects and installations can be massive with castings and leave a “heavy” impression, with Pate de Verre rather a light, fragile or playful impression. My work gives me the opportunity to express and share my ideas and thoughts.

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