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The craft of glass is intriguing and moving me in its endless forms, colours and processes. I am deeply engaged in each blowing as new learning, experimentation and discovery.

Glass blowing is for me a dialogue between myself and the material. While I am excited to improve my craftsmanship and master creative traditions that have been growing for generations, I am fascinated to “let the glass speak for itself” according to its nature, to experience with the spontaneity of the process. Molten glass is like honey: a materialisation of an in-between, of an intermediate state. It is flowing, in a process of metamorphosis, a manifestation of potentiality. Then, within a short duration, it actualises as a defined object, solid and fragile.


I experiment with processes, moulds and tools where my control is released in favour of inclusion of randomness. The results are organic structures and forms. My work concentrates on three dimensional blown objects of free outline, and on glass lines, almost uni-dimensional, that may be twisted together and interlaced, with focus on the interrelation between the spatial organic forms and interlacing.

The play of interlacing on organic forms of various colours and translucency is the offspring of my dialogue with glass.

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Born in 1994, I grew up in the community village of Yuvalim, in the Galilee, Israel.


I have always been interested in craft and the arts, and have been engaged in music, cooking and sugar blowing.


Since 2016 I have been a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, in the Ceramics and Glass Department, expecting to graduate in Summer 2020.


As part of a student exchange program I studied at the – KADK- Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Bornholm, Denmark in Fall 2018.


Upon return my exhibition ‘ Interlacing’ (together with Maria Dovganuk) was held at Bezalel Academy.


I completed an internship at the Kayla Talmy’s Ceramic Studio in Yuvalim in Winter 2016 and Summer 2017.

In 2019 I completed a summer internship at the Glass Factory and at the Orrefors Park in Sweden.