Nancy Yu

Posted On: 22/05/2020


artist bio

NC Qin’s sculptural practice examines the human psyche and seeks to express abstract emotional experiences in visual analogies. Through the medium of cast glass, she connects the process of material creation and engagement with evolutionary desires to grow and master our circumstances. Using repetitive imagery of ballet, she explores the idea of ‘becoming’ – the gradual and steady steps necessary to reach for the ideal. And with her Armour series, she delves into emotions – targeting those of pride and wrath, how they are perceived in the Chinese culture and explores the defence/coping mechanisms that are commonly used, their effectiveness and how they relate to the overall human experience. In her work, she often refers to Chinese cultural and historical values that are informed by Taoist philosophy and practice.  Graduating from SCA with a Bachelors in Visual Arts in 2015, NC Qin is a Sydney based artist who has exhibited around Australia and internationally in spaces including the Ashmolean Museum of Art & Architecture in Oxford UK, Wagga Wagga National Art Glass Museum, Griffith Regional Art Gallery, Fisher Library, Rookwood Cemetery’s HIDDEN walk and 541 Art Space. Most recently, she won the National Emerging Art Glass Prize 2020 in Australia.

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