Natalia Komorowska

Posted On: 18/05/2020


artist bio

I was born in the capital of Poland – Warsaw, but I grew up in the Jeleniogórska Valley, near Szklarska Poręba, these are the areas  of the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains in the region with rich glass traditions. From the Middle Ages these mountains were  a place of intensive exploration through seekers of precious stones and minerals. However, the region’s greatest treasure was rock crystal, similar to diamonds and called “petrified ice.” Over the centuries, this natural raw material developed in the area of ​​Szklarska Poręba, glass industry, and the skills of glaziers, whose products went to the royal tables. The history of Glassmaking has shaped my view on the world and art that surrounds me, that’s why my actions led me to the High School of Arts Stanisław Wyspiański with a specialization – artistic glass, then to the Academy of Fine Arts. Eugeniusz Geppert in Wrocław (2015<today) and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava  in (2019). I have been working in this material for over 10 years and I still feel the desire to expand knowledge and skills on this subject. Glass smelting is the most fascinating process I have learned in the course of my studies, taking numerous trips and apprenticeships  to glass factories (Martin Stefanek Studio, Glassworks “Julia” in Szklarska Poręba or Novosad & Son Glass Faktory) where I had the opportunity to work and learn from outstanding personalities artistic, both in Poland and abroad. I create a personal brand  combining artistic activities with design and the use of mix-media. I am particularly interested in experiencing the moment and emotions in contact with nature, which allow me to open myself to self-awareness. The vibration that surrounds us deserves attention, which is why  I’m looking for solutions ecological in their artistic and designing activities. I am also interested in education and creating new opportunities for young artists like me, by associating and learning together and sharing experience. In the first year of study undergraduate studies  initiated the creation of the Students’ Scientific Circle of the Glass Department – “Level 2”, where until 2019 I was chairwoman of  the assembly, where I had the opportunity to organize exhibitions and workshops for a group of students. I am currently developing his way in the Union of Glass Artists, reactivating the activities of the association based in the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

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