artist in residency Elizar Milev

isgne air at north lands creative AUTUMN WINTER 2019

My name is Elizar Milev, PhD and I was a solo resident during the period November – December in North Land Creative.


As a teacher of glass in the National High School of Applied Arts “St. Luke” – Sofia and recently graduated my dissertation on topic: “Trends of the development of glass casting, as technological and aesthetic aspects” I concentrated on my own creative art visions. This opportunity to work freely in the studio gave me the chance to concentrate entirely on my projects and, on the other hand, helped my teaching work by enriching my empirical experience and declaring my creative potential to my alumni and graduates.


My projects are inspired by the combinatorics in forming shapes and the combination of colours and textures, tight in strict geometry, looking for a compositional relationship and ratio between the various and individual elements. This correlation between combinatorics and aesthetics is suitable for working with glass, because of the transparency of the material, as the main purpose to determine the degree of artistic expression of the structure, but at the same time it also appears as a mechanism regulating the content of work. A significant role is played by the placement of each form in the space relative to one other, as well as the geometry used for each work.


Another determining factor affecting most artists is the colour and its problems. Depending on the combination of shapes and colour, you can give a sense of massiveness, lightness, warmth, rigor and etc. Leaving the structures out of the process of casting itself, I emphasize the shape, leaving it to look denser, heavier, and alive in order to avoid a mechanized visual sensation in the viewer.


Elizar Milev, Dec 2019


Elizar Milev

Predominantly working in glass casting, Elizar’s work is provoked by politics and human relations. In his work he explores the battle between two different positions – the cold and warm colours, the sharp and soft shape, the negative and positive. These juxtaposing contrasts are used as a narrative to expose the human temperament.