Hot Shop

Facilities Include:

  • One electric furnace melting upto 180 kgs of Studio 111 glass (compatible with kuglar and gaffer)
    Three glory holes: 2 medium (170 mm, 250 mm, 330mm doors). One large (250 mm, 370 mm, 480 mm, doors)
  • Two annealing ovens (600 mm x 800 mm x 1200 mm)
  • One garage
  • One colour oven
  • One pick up kiln
  • Compressed air
  • Two oxy propane torches
  • Two propane torches
  • Two benches
  • Four marvers
  • Range of tools, blocks, pipes, puntis and optics.

Hire Costs

  • We charge £190.00 per day for hire of the hot shop, this includes:
  • Furnace and 10 kgs of glass (additional glass is charged at £3.50 per kilo)
  • Annealing oven for 28 hour cycle (work put in at the end of the day needs to be out by the following mid-day (extra hours are charged at £3.00 per hour)
  • Medium glory hole (330mm 250mm and 170mm doors). Use of the big glory hole is an additional £4.00 per hour
  • Pipe warmer
  • Gas torch
  • Pick-up oven
  • Compressed air
  • Use of bench (two available), tools and associated equipment.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT which must be added at 20%

Days run Monday to Friday, from 9am – 5pm, with access to the hot shop from 8am to give time to prepare, heat equipment and programme kilns etc.

Hot Shop without the Furnace:

  • £45.00 per day studio rental (includes use of one bench, tools, pipes, puntis etc.)
  • £35.00 per day for an annealing oven on a 28 hour annealing cycle (£3.00 per hour extra will be charged for every hour over the 28 hours)
  • £8.00 per hour standard glory hole
  • £12.00 per hour big glory hole
  • £2.00 per hour propane torch
  • £4.00 per hour oxy-propane torch
  • £3.00 per hour garage
  • £4.00 per working day for pipe warmer
  • £5.00 per day colour box
  • £7.00 per day pick-up box
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT which must be added at 20%

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