Cold Shop


  • Two Batisti lathes (with a range of diamond and stone wheels)
  • Two flat bed grinders
  • One linisher with 180mm wide belt (various grades of belt)
  • One belt grinder with 100mm wide belt (various grades of belt)
  • One suhner hand held grinder
  • Hand held air grinders
  • Two pendent flexil-drive engravers
  • Three KMK engraving lathes (plus a range of diamond and copper wheels)
  • Spatzier engraving lathe (with range of copper, diamond and stone wheels)
  • Polishing wheel
  • Pillar drill
  • Facilities for hand lapping and polishing
  • Diamond tile saw

Hire will include:

  • Use of all cold shop equipment (with the exception of the small KMK and Spatzier engraving lathes. These are available to competent engravers only)
  • Use of any associated wheels, belts etc.
  • Use of sand blasting equipment
  • Loose grits, pumice and cerium powder can be supplied at a small extra charge or hirers can supply their own.

Cold Shop Hire Costs

  • Per day (9am – 5pm) : £50
  • Per day per group (maximum of six people) : £150

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